About Arteby’s

The perfect place for collectors and traders to come together, Arteby’s is an online auction site that specialises in Asian art . Using our extensive expertise to ensure only genuine pieces are presented to you, we bring professional dealers and private sellers from across the globe to your laptop, computer or smart phone, so you can bid on that special item no matter where you are in the world, any time of the day or night.

Whether your passion lies in collecting Chinese porcelain , or Indian antiques from a certain period, our online platform gives you access to high-quality dealers that you would never find at your local auction house. High resolution photographs give you an excellent view of each piece, so you can easily assess every unique and exciting find. With lots ranging from Kangxi & Qianlong porcelain items to Indian or Islamic art, we aim to cater for everyone, whether you are a seasoned collector, or looking for the first piece that will start a life-long obsession. Each auction is semi-curated and overseen by one of our experts, and they run for a whole week giving you plenty of time to make a decision and place your bid.

Bid from as little as $10, or the sterling equivalent, and receive an invoice with a full break-down of costs, ensuring complete transparency. Then your money is held by Arteby’s in a quasi-escrow procedure until your precious purchase is safely shipped by the dealer or private seller. This secure and seamless process makes for a smooth and fair transaction, and is an aspect of the company that firmly places us apart from any competitors.

Our online auction of art and antiques is one-of-a-kind and we believe our website gives you the best opportunity to buy genuine art and antiques online in a safe environment. At Arteby’s we will appraise the art on its own merits and in the context of the wider market to help you to find the right investment piece or to secure your heart’s desire for a fair price.

Welcome to Arteby’s



We understand that there are many reasons why people want to collect art. Collecting art is about true passion and investing in art is about confidence. When building our platform we equally took into account reasons why new generation of art collectors prefer one over others: quality of the art, ease of navigation and reputation. Below is a list of lots that have been offered & we plan to offer:

  • Asian Art ( Indian & Islamic art)
  • Chinese porcelain from Kangxi & Qianlong period
  • Ceramics
  • Ming Dynasty Items
  • Blue & White Porcelain
  • Antique Chinese items
  • Decorative Arts
  • Oriental Antiques

Wherever your passion lies, you can feel reassured that each auction is overseen by experienced connoisseurs who thoroughly inspect every item to ensure it is genuine and of interest to our buyers. There is no need for you to waste time trawling through low-value antiques online, as our experts have semi-curated each auction, and given it a theme, so you have an idea of the pieces on offer. Former museum curators, antique handlers and professional art collectors, our specialists come from all over the world to help vet and list items that are worthy of your treasured collections.

Once you have found what you were looking for, you can look through high-resolution photographs to help you decide if an item is worthy of your bid. Offers start at $10, but British sterling is also accepted. Each week-long auction is organised to help you browse with ease, and the transaction process is just as simple, with your money held in a quasi-escrow until the dealer or seller is able to package and post your item. Both parties are treated with respect and dignity, so that each sale is able to bring delight to all, without the worry that can sometimes accompany internet purchases and ensuring your money is safe.

We aim to create online auctions that are hassle-free and exciting, helping you to buy antiques online and build up impressive collections of your favourite things. Whatever your reason for collecting, we hope you enjoy our seamless service and that you can benefit from our knowledge and experience in the industry.



Arteby’s was founded to create a peer-to-peer market in which buyers and reputed sellers could unite to trade authentic items at reasonable prices. The security of an auction house and the reach and convenience of an online auction site is Artebys’ contribution to the evolution of the art market.

We have scoured the globe to find the most proficient and knowledgeable specialists, discovering many working as curators in museums and galleries. Others have been buyers themselves, having had many years’ experience in collecting art or antiques, and are able to use their unique understanding of the market to organise and facilitate the auctions. Arteby’s international team of experts appraises every item from photographs before they are listed, so you can be secure in the knowledge that they are genuine.

While we currently have a strong and capable team, it is always expanding to allow us to create a powerhouse of knowledge in the field of antiques and collectibles. Our combined experience and education is what makes Arteby’s the premium destination for the trade of rare and unique items, and it helps to ensure that every single item is completely genuine and honestly valued. It is our people that make our platform great, and that keep every auction and transaction flowing as easily as if both parties were standing in the same room.